Over the past few months, we have taken the time to process the loss of Kristian. We miss him dearly, but as time passes, we also are feeling the need to rehearse and play with The Naked Sweat Drips again and looking forward to release the album that we recorded with Kristian last March. We will be back on track in March 2019 in a new line-up.

Our organ player Luc Jeuken has decided to focus fully on his hardcore / shoegazeband To Adelaide and leaves his Hammond organ behind. Thank you Luc for all the hernias we got from the Leslie, your solos that we weren’t allowed to call “solos” and the fact that you were there from the very early beginning in prosperity and adversity.

Without Luc and Kristian, it is impossible to continue The Naked Sweat Drips in the same manner. That is why we are taking a new path with a new approach. Last year it became clear that there was only one person with whom we would like to continue The Naked Sweat Drips. We will continue as a five-piece with Tjeu Raaijmakers on guitar. Since our first demos in 2011, he’s been involved in the band and most of all: we love his guitar playing. As a friend, he knew what was going on with our band for the last years. Welcome aboard brother!

The five of us have started rehearsing again to be fully prepared for the shows in March 2019 and onward. We are very excited about it and we hope to see you during one of our shows!

On Sunday 27 May our friend and musical hero Kristian passed away. Kristian died peacefully in his sleep in the presence of his family. The final phase was heavy, but until the last moment Kristian has been very strong and he remained involved with the music, the family and us.

Through thoughts and music, Kristian will live on.

Leave your messages of respect at http://www.goemansuitvaartzorg.nl/condoleanceregister